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1991        C    51 Min.    Audrey Hepburn                   
1990        C    54 Min.    Frank Sinatra                       
1991        C    59 Min.    Fred Astaire: The Man Who Danced                   
1990        C    57 Min    Gene Kelly: An Amercan in Hollywood       
1993        C    56 Min.    John Wayne: Bigger Than Life       
1990        C    51 Min.    Kirk Douglas               
1993        C    54 Min.    Sixty Years with Bob Hope       
1990        C    47 Min.    The True Story of Elvis Presley   
1989        C    56 Min.    Two Tragic Blondes (Monroe and Harlow)  

1991        C    52 Min.    Aladdin and Other Arabian Nights in Film
1989        C    48 Min.    Batmania   
1991        C    52 Min.    Beauty and the Beast & Other Fairy Tales in Film
1992        B    60 Min.    Best of 1950's Crime and Mystery TV           
1992        B    60 Min.    Best of 1950's Sci Fi TV
1989        C    49 Min.    Dick Tracy - Saga of a Crime Fighter
1990        C    46 Min.    The Fabulous Villains   
1993        C    52 Min.    History of the Heavyweights
1992        C    57 Min.    Kings of Classic Horror
1989        C    57 Min.    Science Fiction in the Movies
1989        C    49 Min.    The Story of Superman


2008              54 Min.     Playing Life—Louis Armstrong
2003              54 Min.     Song of Tears—The Dorothy Dandrige Story
2006              50 Min.     Rolling With the Stones
2006              90 Min.     Groupies—The Story of the Sunset Strip
2006              62 Min.     Moonlanding—Appolo 11—The Inside Story
2007              55 Min.     John Lennon—The Beatles and Beyond
2007              48 Min.    Marilyn Monroe Story
2007              66 Min.     American King—The Story of Elvis Presley
2008              50 Min.     The Chairman—Frank Sinatra in the Movies
1984             60 Min.      The Anderson Platoon—Vietnam Experience
1985             55 Min.      Art of Speed with Richard Petty
2006             27 Min.      The Voyager Pope—Pope John Paul II
1975             50 Min.      Great Masters—Botticelli
1975             55 Min.      Great Masters—Leonardo da Vinci
1975             50 Min.      Great Masters—Toulouse Lautrec
1966             67 Min.      Michaelangelo—The Last Giant (Pete Ustinov)
1967             40 Min.     Christ is Born (with John Huston)-PD
1971             60 Min.     American West of John Ford (narrated: John Wayne)-PD


Sixty-six episodes of nude and topless fun! Reel Outrageous features a ton of beautiful women in various cities, places and experiences. Visit cities like Dallas, Nashville, Rio, London, Vegas Miami and Hawaii in the “Girls Of…” series. Or learn just what is “Too Hot to Handle”. You’ll enjoy this fun and exciting series.


“HOT ALL OVER NELLY” (80 Minutes/Color)

In this film documentary, you will come to know Grammy Award winner Nelly like you’ve never known him before. From his brief career in baseball to his meteoric rise to the top of the heap in Hip Hop. His plan was to play minor league baseball for a few years and then graduate to the Major Leagues. But as is often the case, the best-laid plans often go by the wayside. This was the case for Cornell Hayes Jr., who would later become known to the world as the performing artist Nelly.

NEO SOUL ALL-STARS (60 Minutes/Color)
When Alicia Keys and India Arie collectively were nominated for 13 Grammy’s in the same year and Jill Scott, Ashanti and Sunshine Anderson together sold millions of albums and broke records with the amount of air-play their music was receiving, it became evident that Neo Soul had arrived. In this documentary you will follow the progression of Neo Soul from its classical and blues roots to it’s contemporary and almost mainstream acceptance today. Join us as we examine the famous and not so famous Sistas and Brothers who have ushered in the freshest new sound since Hip Hop as we present the Neo Soul All Stars.


A 52 minute documentary film By Neil Hollander

Beyond the reach of the world's press, in the far north of Burma, a gold rush has been quietly gathering force, sending out ripples of rumors, creating a magnet whose force can be felt throughout the country.

The lure is almost irresistible: When the rivers are low, their empty banks reveal gold-bearing sand, riches just waiting to be scooped up, instant wealth there for the taking. Truth rarely matches fantasy, especially after it has passed from mouth to mouth and from one end of the country to the other. But in this case, some of the tales are indeed fueled by fact. There is gold to be found on the Irrawaddy and along the Chindwin. Men and women have become rich, perhaps not overnight, but certainly within the space of a few months.

Women are at the head of this gold rush, the owners of many of the claims and the rigs which suck up the ore from the river bottom - market sellers or housewives one day, women of wealth the next.

The film focuses on several of these women, those who have already made their fortunes, and those who are still rich only in their dreams. Their stories form the central narrative of the film as they speak about what motivated them to leave their former jobs, and the dynamics of their life on the river: the rigs and sluices where they work, the shanty towns in which they live, the parasites who prey upon them, and the gold dealers who buy their wealth or trade it for precious stones.

Taken together, these accounts form a portrait of THE GOLDEN ROAD TO MANDALAY.

A 52-minute documentary film by NEIL HOLLANDER

The 'Golden Triangle:' the fabled, forbidden heart of southeast Asia, home of heroin, morphine, and a host of amphetamines. One corner rests in northern Thailand, another in the jungles of Laos and the third is lodged deep in the mountains of Burma. On the rugged hillsides and in remote clearings, rippling seas of golden poppies glint in the harsh sunlight. Soon their sap will begin its journey to the back streets of the world's urban ghettos.

The Burmese portion of the triangle has traditionally been the biggest, most productive and, in recent years, the most foreboding. A kind of no-man's land and a haven for drug lords, it has become a monument to monoculture - the cultivation of opium.

But times are changing for the opium world. One by one, the drug warlords are making peace and disbanding their armies. Crop substitution is being introduced as a viable alternative for poppies, and the 21st century is now reaching into this forgotten corner of the globe.

This film focuses on the opium growers themselves, tribal peoples who are currently caught in this moment of change when opium may well cease to be their staff of life. Interviews with them will form the core of the narration. In their own fashion, they relate what it is like to live in a culture of opium where everyone is a grower, or trader, or user, any, or all three. What have they learned from this school of life? How do they view the forces that are currently trying to wean them away from poppy cultivation.


52 minutes. Dachau! The word haunts the world's collective memory, a chilling nightmare from the past housed in a storybook Bavarian town. How can one live in this icon of atrocity? With unexpected candor, children, politicians, survivors, teachers, bar keepers, teenagers, Miss Dachau, and many others, speak out. They tell us what Dachau means for them as a symbol of the Nazi era and as an affluent Munich suburb they have chosen to call their home. Are they guilty, innocent, tainted by the past, tormented by ghosts, unconcerned by the sins of their fathers or just simply enjoying the present?

Two years in the making, the film is a fast-paced, provocative document that lets Germans themselves try to answer the perplexing question: "How can anyone live in a town called Dachau?"


52 minutes or 104 minutes or 156 minutes. This complete biography reveals the outstanding achievements of one of the world's most celebrated entertainers. It examines his sometimes difficult romantic life, his successful dual career as a singer and actor, and his worthy efforts in aid of children in need.

Interviews with the great entertainer are combined with film of Sinatra and other Hollywood greats, innumerable photographs, excerpts from his many dramatic movies and musicals, singing performances and television appearances. This consummate performance artist is here seen singing with Elvis Presley and playing comedy roles opposite famous stars including Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jack Benny, and Johnny Carson.

Overflowing with a visual feast of famous as well as rarely shown film, and sweetened with the unforgettable sounds of Sinatra's impressive vocal talent, this video is an invaluable treasure for all Frank Sinatra fans.



104 minutes. This compelling documentary examines the tense real-life drama of the playboy industrialist who risked everything to save over a thousand Jewish workers from the Holocaust. Extensive newsreel, film, photographs, and testimony from survivors and Schindler himself combine to present and unforgettable experience.