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See your favorite stars from the golden age of Hollywood in their funniest moments as they blow lines, go into laughing fits, play jokes on one another, and loose their cool. These clips are from various movies filmed by the major studios from 1936 to 1941, 1946, and 1947.

Featuring the following stars: Fredric March, Humphrey Bogart, Leslie Howard, James Cagney, Claude Rains, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall, Gene Lockhart, Pat O'Brien, Errol Flynn, Jane Wyman, Alan Hale, Kay Francis, Basil Rathbone, Claudette Colbert, Dick Powell, Henry Fonda, Paul Kelly, Ronald Reagan, Glenda Farrell, Joan Blondell, Thomas Mitchell, George Bancroft, Gary Cooper, George Raft, Gene Lockhart, Ann Sheridan, Edward G. Robinson, Wayne Morris, Edward Arnold, Ben Blue, Dorothy Ford, J. Carrol Naish, Dane Clark, Janis Paige, Dennis Morgan, Lew Ayres, George O'Hanlon, Zachary Scott, John Garfield, George Tobias, George Raft, Maxie Rosenbloom, Eric Blore, George Brent, Binnie Barnes, Elsa Maxwell, Paul Muni, Paul Lukas, Joe E. Brown, Victor Jory, Edgar Kennedy, Hugh Herbert, Alan Mowbray, Dick Foran, Guy Kibbee, Patsy Kelley, Aleen Jenkins, Tom Brown, Louise Fazenda, Paul Kelly, Eugene Pallette, and many others!!


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were one of the greatest comedy teams ever in the world of film and television. Now see a collection of their greatest movie blunders and bloopers in some of your favorite Abbott & Costello Films!!
Films Include: Pardon My Sin - 1942, It Ain't Hay - 1943, Pardon My Sarong - 1942, Naughty Ninties - 1945, In Society - 1944, Here Come the Coeds - 1945, Wistful Wagon of Wagon Gap - 1947 Length: 52 Minutes


The Last Sailors is a journey into the forgotten world of working sail where men still set out, as they have for centuries, to gain their livelihood from the sea.

This is the story, filmed over a two-year period, about the last men going to sea under sail to make a living. The production team sailed the world’s oceans to record the remnants of "working sail" and to meet some of "the last sailors" who make their living under sail, whether on board dhows, junks, trading schooners or other working sailboats. Times are changing rapidly, and the deep water sailor who hoists sail and sets out to gain his livelihood from the sea, is left in the wake of technology.

This effort represents a systematic search for those places in the world where sailing craft are still part of the economic system. The team corresponded with diplomats, harbormasters, travelers and yachtsman cruising abroad, asking each of them what he had seen of working sail. All too often the replies were "Sorry, you’re five years too late," or "The last one is now in a museum." However, despite frequent disappointments, they finally prepared a list of countries where traditional sailing craft can still be found.

The team set out, as fellow sailors, to meet with the men who sail these craft. They showed interest in whatever they might be doing and were willing to take part if an extra hand was needed. Wherever possible, they worked alongside the sailors and tried to share their way of life. They spent days, and in a few cases, weeks, getting to know them before the cameras appeared.

The end of this long sailing era is not a peaceful one. Beneath the surface there is a quiet violence as what was ceases to be. Ways of life are in conflict, and even the sea is not big enough to keep them all afloat…

Narrated by Orson Welles.


Underwater exploration. Adventurous, sometimes dangerous, but always exciting. In this series, you will travel to some of the most exotic locations on earth to explore beneath the sea in search of shipwrecks, unique marine life, and wondrous underwater growths of coral and plants.

  1. Dive "the Wall" at Grand Cayman with nothing but 300 meters of water beneath you.
  2. Explore the 20th Century shipwrecks and reefs of Anguilla. In the caves and overhangs in the reefs of Palau you’ll contend with whole schools of sharks hunting for food.

Your audience will be fascinated with the tremendous variety of life in the sea. It is educational as well as entertaining. Each half-hour episode features a new adventure as we EXPLORE OUR WATERWORLD.


SCUBA WORLD (200 X 30)

Scuba World was created by Perry Tong and has become the world’s longest running sport diving and travel news program. Each episode takes the audience to glamorous destinations. In each show the viewer shares the culture, the history, and the fabulous diving opportunities offered by the host nation.

Scuba World is more than a television show, it is an ambassador of goodwill the world over. Viewers meet interesting people from other cultures and countries and have a chance to hear different points of view. It is also educational; history and geography come alive as beautiful and intriguing sights are visited the world over.

Underwater there is no other rival. The series has covered the Caribbean, Red Sea, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. From the shores of Brazil, East Africa, Palau, the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, St.Lucia, Columbia, Venezuela and many more. Scuba World has launched dive teams to bring back incredible footage of the sea and its incredible marine life.

With over 200 episodes and specials in circulation, Scuba World is a broadcasters dream. Wholesome, family fun, with an eye on accuracy. This show brings the beauty of travel and diving alive, and it doesn’t try to scare people out of the sea.

Celebrity guests include: Gil Gerard, Lyle Wagoner, Dan Haggerty, Ed Bagley Jr. Anna Alicia, The Gatlin Brothers and many others.

ASTROSIGN (1 x 60)

For many centuries, astrology has helped people to understand themselves and their relationships. Horoscopes act as a guide through the events that affect us all. More people than ever are using the stars to bring greater meaning and enjoyment into their lives. Astrosign presents the profile of each astrological sign with a humorous and graphic twist.

  UFO (5 x 60)

This five part series begins to unravel the mysteries of UFO’s by consulting experts, eye-witnesses, artifacts, photographs and films.

The Prowler of Space
Witness photographic evidence of the existence of UFO’s! Hear eyewitness accounts of encounters with these craft. Why is the U.S. government trying so hard to conceal our contact with the Aliens at Roswell, New Mexico? What technology can we acquire from these Alien beings? These questions are explored in "The Prowlers of Space".

Is there evidence of Alien influence on early human civilizations? Archeological sites like the pyramids of Giza were built according to astronomical measurements that far surpassed the technology that existed during that time. On Mars a similar set of Pyramids exists, as well as sculpture of a human face. Explore these cosmic mysteries in Traces.

E.T.‘s Experiments
Begin with an in-depth look at animal phenomenon. Then hear the stories of people who have been abducted. Many have proof beyond mere memories-cuts, scars, and in some cases, brain implants. These are the subjects of E.T.’s Experiments.

To Travel Like Them
How close are we to interplanetary travel? Top physicists discuss the potential for humans to travel among the planets. Explore technology witnessed in UFO sightings. Find out if we will be able "To Travel Like Them".

UFO’s have been in contact with humans for many years. Now hear the incredible stories of credible eyewitnesses-military personnel, airline pilots, and scientists-who have all made "Contact."

SPACE (5 x 60)

Explore the mysteries of the universe from an earth-bound perspective. How and when was the universe created? How many solar systems are there? What is the future of Space exploration? What is the ultimate destiny of earth?

Beginning the American Space Program
Witness the first steps taken by the United States to put a man in Space, and then on the moon. These early MR-1 and 2, and Gemini missions laid the groundwork for all space exploration. Join NASA in its initial phase of space communication.

Exploring the Sun
Mission Helios was the first German-American space venture designed to explore the sun. This NASA film emphasizes the cooperation between two nations in exploring an object with transcends nationality. This episode also provides a basic overview of our solar system and the earth’s relationship to the sun.

The Moon and Other Satellites
Relive the amazing journey of Apollo 11 and watch man take his first steps on to the moon. Join the astronauts in the lunar rover as they drive along the surface and explore the lunar highlands. Then learn about the valuable uses of man-made satellites and their functions.

Exploring the Planets
How much do we know about our own solar system? Join NASA as they send out the voyager probes to learn more about our neighbors. What lies beneath the clouds of Venus? Why are canals present on the surface of Mars? Explore the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter as we travel with NASA to these exotic locales.

Searching for Life
Join Orson Welles and Rod Serling as they explore the vastness of the universe and the potential for other intelligent life. Has intelligent life been visiting Earth? Could a special breed of Alien life have influenced human evolution? Join us as we scan the universe, Searching for Life.


"The World Through Celebrities’ Eyes" takes you a journey of discovery as top Hollywood stars reveal their feelings about their favorite places in the world. Travel through their minds as they discuss their careers…personal lives…glamorous locations of moving making…secrets about their vacations…and how their travels have influenced their lives. Popular Hollywood TV host, Paul Ryan, gets the stars to open up and reveal who they really are. Filmed in Cannes, London, New York, Las Vegas & Hollywood…these sizzling shows were taped at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Stars from world renown television series… Dallas, Dynasty, Colbys, Knight Rider, Cheers, Magnum PI, Santa Barbara, L.A. Law, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Knotts Landing and many more…

Stars Include: Ted Danson, Linda Gray, Corbin Bernsen, Dyan Cannon, Rod Steiger, Timothy Dalton, Rachel Ward, Danny Aiello, Brooke Shields, David Hasselhoff, Robert Urich, ZsaZsa Gabor, Ted Shackelford, Kylie Minogue, Dom DeLuise…