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Welcome to Reel Funds International, Inc., dba: REEL MEDIA INTERNATIONAL. With over 22 years distributing motion pictures and TV product, we have the experience, knowledge and reputation for providing the best quality and service as well as the highest integrity.  Our large classic library was built by carefully evaluating and updating each title before offering it to our clients.  Our masters were created from 16mm or 35mm wetgate rank transfers.  Many of our competitors have their classic titles mastered from 3/4'” or VHS tapes.  In addition we mastered to DigiBeta or Beta SP format  to assure you are getting the  best quality when you order titles from us.  Our labs are in California and offer us the finest film to tape transfers as well as normal duplication. They are also available 24/7 for speedy delivery once our order is placed. 

Please feel free to search our website for copyrighted as well as classic titles that will fit your needs for programming.  Because of our continual additions to our product, our website may or may not be current.  We encourage you to contact us if you have specific needs, so that we may look through our new additions to better serve you.

Our Classic Library is considered the largest worldwide, containing movies, documentaries, cartoons, TV series and TV programs. These classics are great for DVD releases, TV broadcast, footage for production as well as VOD and streaming.  The Classic titles are searchable under the Classic Library search tool.  All other products are shown in the other search areas of this website.

We only deal with other commercial businesses and not directly to the public.

We hope you find the titles you need by searching our website or by contacting us with your needs directly.  We look forward to having you as one of our many satisfied clients.

We do NOT have DVD's or VHS tapes for sale

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