SCUBA WORLD (200 X 30)

Scuba World was created by Perry Tong and has become the world’s longest running sport diving and travel news program. Each episode takes the audience to glamorous destinations. In each show the viewer shares the culture, the history, and the fabulous diving opportunities offered by the host nation.

Scuba World is more than a television show, it is an ambassador of goodwill the world over. Viewers meet interesting people from other cultures and countries and have a chance to hear different points of view. It is also educational; history and geography come alive as beautiful and intriguing sights are visited the world over.

Underwater there is no other rival. The series has covered the Caribbean, Red Sea, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. From the shores of Brazil, East Africa, Palau, the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, St.Lucia, Columbia, Venezuela and many more. Scuba World has launched dive teams to bring back incredible footage of the sea and its incredible marine life.

With over 200 episodes and specials in circulation, Scuba World is a broadcasters dream. Wholesome, family fun, with an eye on accuracy. This show brings the beauty of travel and diving alive, and it doesn’t try to scare people out of the sea.

Celebrity guests include: Gil Gerard, Lyle Wagoner, Dan Haggerty, Ed Bagley Jr. Anna Alicia, The Gatlin Brothers and many others.


55 hours - This informative and visually spectacular series presents an in-depth look at some of the greatest works of art created from the medieval times to the 20th century. Brilliantly produced in a highly comprehensible and easy to follow format, each program in this series gives the viewer a totally unique art experience as well as a comprehensive lesson in art history. The result of advanced research and documentation, these programs enable viewers to witness the unraveling of the great masterpieces of art, providing insights into the artists, and educate both amateur and art connoisseur alike.

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

In 1937 Picasso created this monumental oil painting to memorialize the tragedy of the German air bombardment of the Spanish town of Guernica during the Spanish civil war. Guernica is an emotional and mysterious work, and this program deciphers the paintings development step by step.

Botticelli The Humanist trilogy

This program examines three of Botticelli’s most famous masterpieces, Primavera, Pallas and the Centaur, and Birth of Venus. These woks have received contradictory judgments during the past two centuries, despite their immediate charm.

Vermeer: The Magical Light

Vermeer was forgotten after his death and was not rediscovered until the late 19th century. His reputation has steadily increased thereafter, and today he is considered the greatest Dutch painter. Only 35 of Vermeer’s canvases have survived, and this program features many of his most famous work.

Paintings in Books

This fascinating program features a close-up look at a major exhibition featuring 240 manuscripts of French illumination from 1430 to 1520. This program highlights the masterpieces as no book ever could. Its presents the brilliant colors and gilding with unequaled fidelity.

Anne of Britanny: The Great Book of Hours

Queen Anne of Britanny ordered her Book of Hours from the master painter, Jean Bourdichon. His work was truly remarkable; 63 magnificent paintings containing over 300 different species of plants that decorate the pages. This unique program reveals for the first time the true colors and intricate gold inlay work.

Books and Kings

This visually remarkable program was filmed at the French National Library where, for the first time, the public was permitted to view the rarest and most beautiful works from its ancient book collection. More than 6o of the most precious works owned by royalty were presented to the camera for the first time.

Kurt Schwitter

He is a painter, a sculptor, an architect, poet, playwright, typographist, editor, he does everything, and every time he creates fundamental things. He is an artist, everything he touches turns into art, he subverts everything, transforms everything, is romantic, utopic. That is Schwitter. Discover or rediscover with us the Dadaisme, what is Merz, see his figurative elements; a bottle, wheels, a person’s head. Look at the graphic signs; arrows, writing, numbers, but everything is in disorder. This is a surprising program on an exceptional artist.

Leonardo da Vinci

Architect, Drawer, Engineer, Inventor, Mathematician, Painter, Philosopher, Visionary. During his 40 years of career we have only a few works remaining from Leonardo, but The Mona Lisa is the most visited painting in the world. This program permits the public to view reproductions of his inventions, many of which were 400 years in advance of their time – like the helicopter.


Michelangelo is born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, the family live in Florence near by the Church of Santa Croce, in 1488 he entered as an apprentice in the shop of the Ghirlandaio brothers for one year. From there Michelangelo will sculpt and paint as one of the most famous artists and you will discover his woks including the Sistine Chapel in this program.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: painter of Montmartre

Toulouse-Lautrec’s life was transformed by his discovery of Montmartre in Paris. He devoted his artistic talent to painting this unique microcosm, with its intriguing blend of the vulgar and aristocratic, and his favorite haunts, the Moulin Rouge, the Moulin de la galette, the Mirliton, the Chat Noir, the Cabaret of Aristide Bruant. He was both a participant in, and an acute observer of, the life of the district.

Robert Doisneau

He started to photograph the streets of Paris when he was fired from his work in a car factory. He realized numerous portraits of artists and his famous photographs of the life in Paris. Discover the art of instant cliches of life -- simple but touching.

....and many more episodes

UFO (5 x 60)

This five part series begins to unravel the mysteries of UFO’s by consulting experts, eye-witnesses, artifacts, photographs and films.

The Prowler of Space

Witness photographic evidence of the existence of UFO’s! Hear eyewitness accounts of encounters with these craft. Why is the U.S. government trying so hard to conceal our contact with the Aliens at Roswell, New Mexico? What technology can we acquire from these Alien beings? These questions are explored in "The Prowlers of Space".


Is there evidence of Alien influence on early human civilizations? Archeological sites like the pyramids of Giza were built according to astronomical measurements that far surpassed the technology that existed during that time. On Mars a similar set of Pyramids exists, as well as sculpture of a human face. Explore these cosmic mysteries in Traces.

E.T.‘s Experiments

Begin with an in-depth look at animal phenomenon. Then hear the stories of people who have been abducted. Many have proof beyond mere memories-cuts, scars, and in some cases, brain implants. These are the subjects of E.T.’s Experiments.

To Travel Like Them

How close are we to interplanetary travel? Top physicists discuss the potential for humans to travel among the planets. Explore technology witnessed in UFO sightings. Find out if we will be able "To Travel Like Them".


UFO’s have been in contact with humans for many years. Now hear the incredible stories of credible eyewitnesses-military personnel, airline pilots, and scientists-who have all made "Contact."

SPACE (5 x 60)

Explore the mysteries of the universe from an earth-bound perspective. How and when was the universe created? How many solar systems are there? What is the future of Space exploration? What is the ultimate destiny of earth?

Beginning the American Space Program

Witness the first steps taken by the United States to put a man in Space, and then on the moon. These early MR-1 and 2, and Gemini missions laid the groundwork for all space exploration. Join NASA in its initial phase of space communication.

Exploring the Sun

Mission Helios was the first German-American space venture designed to explore the sun. This NASA film emphasizes the cooperation between two nations in exploring an object with transcends nationality. This episode also provides a basic overview of our solar system and the earth’s relationship to the sun.

The Moon and Other Satellites

Relive the amazing journey of Apollo 11 and watch man take his first steps on to the moon. Join the astronauts in the lunar rover as they drive along the surface and explore the lunar highlands. Then learn about the valuable uses of man-made satellites and their functions.

Exploring the Planets

How much do we know about our own solar system? Join NASA as they send out the voyager probes to learn more about our neighbors. What lies beneath the clouds of Venus? Why are canals present on the surface of Mars? Explore the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter as we travel with NASA to these exotic locales.

Searching for Life

Join Orson Welles and Rod Serling as they explore the vastness of the universe and the potential for other intelligent life. Has intelligent life been visiting Earth? Could a special breed of Alien life have influenced human evolution? Join us as we scan the universe, Searching for Life.