World War Documentaries in Color

BATTLE OF MIDWAY: 18 min.; 1942. Directed by John Ford. The naval battle that was the turning point in the war in the Pacific theater.

TO THE SHORES OF IWO JIMA: 47 min.; Documents the island battle of the US Marines against the strong defense by the Japanese soldiers.

THE MEMPHIS BELLE: 40 min.; Actual combat mission of a B-17 in a daylight raid over Germany, by a crew on their last mission. Directed by William Wyler.

REPORT FROM THE ALEUTIANS: 47 min.; 1943. Directed by John Ford. Great Action footage of P-38 Lightning, P-39, B-17, and B-24 plus air to air filming of a bombing raid on the Japanese held island of Kisku.

SUBMARINE WAR AGAINST JAPAN: 36 min.; After Pearl Harbor the submarine force was the only offensive unit available to the US Navy. Superb color action footage is used to tell the story of these gallant submariners.

THE GROWLER STORY: 20 min.; A dramatization of an inspiring US Navy submarine tragedy. The story of Cdr. Howard Gilmore, a valiant skipper who gave his life by ordering his sub to dive, as he lay wounded on deck.

THE FIGHTING LADY: 60 min.; Focuses on action aboard a typical "flat top". Features some of the best camera footage ever. Features hellcats, TD-2's, hell divers, avengers, F4F-1's, and the most dramatic gun camera action ever recorded by US Navy pilots in WWII.

HOOK DOWN, WHEELS DOWN: 56 min.; Depicts the history of the carrier from the Langley in the twenties (Black & White) to the Kennedy in the seventies. It includes classic episodes in US Navy history, including battle of the coral sea, launching of B-25 Mitchell's from the Hornet, the Lexington hit and sunk, suicide Kamikaze raids, and much more.

MARINES AT TARAWA: 20 min.; Combat cameramen landed with the Marines and filmed the bloody conflict.

REMEMBER THESE FACES: 20 min.?; The landing and taking of a Pacific Island by the Marines.

THE LAST BOMB: 34 min.; Shows the bombing of Japan by the B29's, culminating in the dropping of the Atomic bomb.

FORTRESS OF THE SKY: 25 min.; Rarely seen film, especially made for the Boeing Aircraft Company, tracing the development of the B17 Flying Fortress, its production processes, and eventual combat action.

AT THE FRONT IN NORTH AFRICA: 43 min.; Combat footage of the Allies as they fought against Rommel's Troops across North Africa.

COMBAT AMERICA: 62 min.; 1944. A rare film hosted by Clark Gable about bombing raids over Germany. Dramatizes the story of the 351 Bomber Group of the US Air Force.

THUNDERBOLTS: 56 min.; 1944. Combat footage of the P-47 Thunderbolt in action during WWII.