Pearl Harbor Related Documentaries

1. DECEMBER 7, 1941: 1943, 34 min; B/W; Directed by John Ford. A classic recreation, with some actual footage, of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Winner of 1943 Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY-JAPAN: 1945, 63min; B/W. Directed by Frank Capra. In Frank Capra's last "The War Years" documentary, he uses images and sounds to give the American soldier a look into the mentality of the enemy in Japan.

3. AIR POWER VOL. 9-55 min; B/W. Includes: Superfortress, 14 min, Retreat and Advance, 13 min, Air Force and the Atom Bomb, 14 min, and Air War Against Japan, 14 min.

4. WAR COMES TO AMERICA-67 min; B/W. Directed by Frank Capra. From the Why We Fight Series. American history is traced from Jamestown in 1607 to Pearl Harbor in 1941, emphasizing the achievements and ideals of American society. Includes scenes of Hitler ridiculing Roosevelt's peace effort, Lindbergh advocating isolationism, and the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

5. JAPAN: A PERSPECTIVE-50 min; B/W. Includes: Japan: the People; Japan: Dream of Empire, and Enemy Japan. Informational documentaries narrated by the Ambassador to Japan from 1932-1941, Joseph P. Crew.

6. APPOINTMENT IN TOKYO-56 min; B/W. This inspiring WW2 documentary covers the entire American Pacific campaign from the Bataan retreat to the surrender of Japan. Includes the rape of Manila, culled from captured Japanese newsreels. General Douglas MacArthur, after three years of relentless fighting makes good his promise "I shall return."

7. RECOGNITION OF THE JAP ZERO-1943, 20 min; B/W. Hosted by Ronald Reagan. Information about the Japanese Zero fighter plane. Dramatized story.

8. THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY-1944, 18 min; Color. Directed by John Ford. Presents a vivid account of one of the greatest air and naval battles in WWII.

9. KAMIKAZE-1961, 89 min; B/W. This documentary on the Pacific war begins with Japanese preparations before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and ends with the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Along with many scenes of battles, there is also footage on life in Hawaii before the war broke out.

10. TARGET TOKYO-21 min; B/W. The B-29 Super Fortress in action over Japan.

11. B-29'S OVER JAPAN-13 min; B/W. The Super Fortress in bombing raids over Japan. Includes the Atomic Bomb.

12. REPORT FROM THE ALEUTIANS--: 47 min.; 1943. Color. Directed by John Ford. Great Action footage of P-38 Lightning, P-39, B-17, and B-24 plus air to air filming of a bombing raid on the Japanese held island of Kisku.

13. HOOK DOWN, WHEELS DOWN--56 min.; Color. Depicts the history of the carrier from the Langley in the twenties (Black & White) to the Kennedy in the seventies. It includes battle of the Coral Sea, launching of B-25 Mitchell's from the Hornet, the Lexington hit and sunk, suicide Kamikaze raids, and much more.

14. SUBMARINE WAR AGAINST JAPAN--36 min.; Color. After Pearl Harbor the submarine force was the only offensive unit available to the US Navy. Superb color action footage is used to tell the story of these gallant submariners.

15. THE RISING SUN-30 min; B/W. The British RAF (Royal Air Force) in the far East 1941-43 as they fought the Japanese forces.

16. PAYOFF IN THE PACIFIC-58 min; B/W. Pacific war. Allied successes.

17. FURY IN THE PACIFIC-18 min; B/W. Invasion of the Palau Islands by Army, Navy and Marine forces.

18. ATTACK IN THE PACIFIC-56 min; B/W. Allied forces attack the Japanese strongholds.

19. FORMAL JAPANESE SURRENDER-10 min; B/W. The Japanese surrender to end the war with the Allies.

20. MOVIETONE NEWS SPECIAL-10 min; B/W. Special on Pearl Harbor attack.

21. CRUSADE IN THE PACIFIC --- 24 x 30; B/W. Documents the war in the Pacific.

22. MARINES IN COMBAT --- 20 x 30; B/W. 16 episodes on WWII and 4 episodes on the Korean conflict.